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Creating a brand

Your brand is how others view your business. Everything you do with your logo on should show positively for your business.

Keeping your brand fresh and positive with consumers is what 7Storms does for our clients. Win the business of your customers and while you’re at it, win their hearts and minds.

Build from the core

Are you an innovator in your category? Or are you a low cost, high value option? You can’t be all things to all people. Stake your claim and go after it. Consistent branding of who you are and what you stand for creates brand equity that can be invaluable for your business. Your advertising, website all communicate your brand.

Brand preservation

A strong brand has intrinsic as well as extrinsic qualities. For example some people want to do business with locally owned businesses. If local is part of your brand that may make your business the first one shopped by many consumers.

Everything you do with your logo should reinforce your branding message and reflect positively on your business.

Creative Services

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One of the very best things about advertising is showing competitive differences. Whatever you can do to show a unique selling point to a customer separates you from your competition. Our creative accentuates the competitive differences so your ad cuts through the clutter and helps define and complement your brand.

We are brand builders, idea hatchers, and creative for print, online, outdoor, social media, TV and radio are all part of the services provided by 7Storms Advertising.

We look for the most creative people. We collaborate with them to bring our clients the highest quality product at a reasonable cost. That’s value

7Storms uses a grassroots approach in seeking partners for our clients that can helps strengthen their brand.

Creative can be many things but it should always look to extend the brand of the business.

Good work is what we do!

See Our Work

We Work With All Forms of Media

  1. Media that matters

    Before we select the medium we always ask the questions to make sure it’s the right medium for our clients, and our client’s message.

    7Storms Advertising has plenty of experience with media. At the same time we started our agency the internet was becoming more mainstream as an advertising medium.

    7Storms had decided to move away from the cost per point evaluation of media to a cost per thousand based evaluation that had been the way the currency of electronic media had been evaluated. The internet was using CPM’s so our timing, while coincidental, was perfect. Like an old baseball player said years ago, ‘Lucky beats good every day!

    Evaluating all mediums on a CPM basis is fair and gives us platform to negotiate from with the media. We have a reputation for negotiating hard but fairly, and we value long standing relationships with vendors who exceed our, and our clients, expectations. Expressing our thanks for over delivering set us apart from other something other agencies. We know where hidden gems are that give our clients value in print, Internet, electronic and outdoor.

    We believe using the media to show competitive differences and unique selling points for our clients. A strong message and well executed media plan brings powerful results.

  2. Your Vision Your Way

    99% of all US households in America have at least one television and most Americans spend almost three hours per day watching television.

    With such a large audience a well crafted commercial has the potential to grow your business like no other form of media.

  3. Your Voice In Radio

    Its estimated that every week more than 230 million Americans listen to the radio. That's 94% of Americans over the age of 12.

  4. The Power Of Print

    7Storms Advertising believes that concise, uncluttered print ads resonate with readers more than an ad cluttered with an overabundance of offers ever can. Getting to the heart of what a client wants their advertising to say about them allows the agency to create a print ad that readers will remember and react to.

  5. Innovations In Social Media

    Advertisers can use social media to connect with their current and potential customers. The best uses of social media are when it’s used in a way that allows the advertiser to touch the consumers in helpful, non invasive manner. People do not use social media to hear sales pitches but they will pay attention to news, tips, and funny stuff from an advertiser that enhances their social media experience.

About Us

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Bill Storms: Bill started SWX and served as General Manager. At SWX Bill secured rights to Gonzaga, EWU, Brett Sports, Spokane Shock, GSL, IEL, and many others. Prior to that most of his career was at KHQ as General Sales Manager. During that time he served on the board of Television Bureau of Adverting and was a charter member of the NBC Sales Advisory Committee. After leaving KHQ Inc. and evaluating career choices, Bill decided to stay in the Northwest and start a full service advertising agency. Starting with Fred’s Appliance, a great locally owned company, 7Storms Advertising was born. Along with Fred’s Appliance, 7Storms has also done advertising for Spokane Seed, Summit Funding, National Furniture, Step Up and Go! We believe in branding, delivering a consistent message, and building relationships.

Kim Storms: Kim worked at several ad agencies in Seattle and Spokane. She left the agency business and worked in radio, TV, and production. Kim also started the Spokane Ski Show. She sold all space to the vendor, organized the layout and entertainment, and built the event from the ground up. Going full circle, Kim is back in agency business!